We prevent third-party access to your personal information and store your data in a protected database. All the information you provided will be used for professional purposes only.

Our privacy policy entails detailed information about the data we collect from you including our information collection methods, how we use it, and what we do to protect it against breaches.

When you browse through our website, share personal information or avail of our services, we view it as an outright acceptance of our privacy policy. So, we recommend you go through it before you engage with us in any manner.

1. What personal data do we collect?

We collect various information at different stages of your interaction with us through diverse channels to give you a complete exposure to our services. This includes:

  • Your basic details including name, phone number, email address, debit/credit card numbers, billing addresses, etc.
  • Your services of interest.
  • Any other necessary information about you that could help us identify our needs and your purpose of engaging with us.

If there is any change to the details provided, we request you to timely update us to avoid any discrepancies.

2. How do we collect data?

We have different channels via which we collect your personal information. This includes:

  • Contact Forms: We collect contact information like name, email ID, and phone number via our contact form.
  • Cookies: We use several in-built cookies to collect information from our website visitors. These cookies save your browsing information, primarily your screen display info like font size, language, etc.
3. How do we use your personal information?
  • All the information collected by us is used to streamline your engagement with us and deliver a positive customer experience.
  • We will use your information to deliver our services.
  • We use your contact details to connect with you and make sure you are up-to-date with all our offers and promotions.
  • We use your IP address to initiate security checks.
  • We use your information for feedback purposes. Also, your testimonials/reviews can be published on our website for promotional purposes.
4. Disclosure to third parties

We never share your personal data with third parties, unless under circumstances listed below:

  • If we receive a legal request and are mandated by the law to share your details with the authorities, we will undertake an inspection and do the needful.
  • If it is required to fulfil our business interests and your contract with us.
  • In case your proceedings hint towards an engagement in fraudulent activities, we will disclose your information to the concerned authorities.
5. How do we protect your personal data?

To secure your date against any breaches, we store your personal information in an encrypted database. With all technical security measures in place we will secure your data against unauthorised third-party access and security breaches. However, we take no responsibility for any leaks that occur outside of our system. So, be extra careful of who you share your information with.

6. Your rights over your shared data
  • You are always free to access an exported file of your data stored in our database.
  • You can always request the erasure of your data from our encrypted database, except for the information we have collected for security purposes.
  • You can contact us directly to update your personal information, whenever required.
  • You can always ask for information about the ways in which we use your personal information. To know more, you can read the “how do we use your personal information” section of our privacy policy.
7. Questions regarding the privacy policy

If you have any concerns or queries regarding our privacy policy, contact us and our privacy will be sure to deliver all the necessary clarifications. Contact us at hello@rightclickfinance.com.au.

8. Updates to the privacy policy

We at Right Click Finance have the complete authority to update our privacy policy whenever required without taking permission or informing you beforehand. Whenever you access our website, you consent to the updated version of our privacy policy. So, we recommend you read through our privacy policy every time you choose to engage with us and stay updated.

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