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Working capital is the money you need to run everyday operations in your business. So, not maintaining sufficient working capital can land you in trouble, hindering your overall potential. However, it’s not a sign of a struggling business every time. At times, even successful businesses may have deficient working capital (but in a positive sense).

Take a look at some of these scenarios where one might need additional working capital finance:

  • Seasonal Shifts: Some industries experience seasonal variations in demand. Due to this, they may need additional working capital to meet increased production during peak seasons.
  • Unexpected Expenses: A business premises is a dynamic environment where things may take a different course of action at any given time. Unforeseen expenses, such as equipment breakdown, can stretch your working capital.
  • Expanding Operations: If you want to expand your business, you are going to need additional working capital to cover upfront costs. You need to hire new staff, acquire equipment, set up a new location, etc, etc, etc.
  • Seizing Opportunities: As a business owner, you always have the thirst to seize new and big opportunities, even though they require additional capital. This helps you expand the business.
  • Debt Repayment: In some cases, businesses also need extra working capital to consolidate or manage their existing debt; say, the new loan comprises more favourable terms.

If you are in a similar situation and you need more working capital, you are at the correct place. At Right Click Finance, we will research various working capital loans, help you choose the right one, and also streamline the application process.

The best part is our turnaround time. With our fastest response and processing time, you need not have to wait too long. So, contact us today for the right financing solution!

Other loans that we offer

Loan options so good, you’d swipe right on them instantly!

Are you looking to apply for a new loan or refinance your existing one? At Right Click Finance, we will work with you closely to understand your needs, financial situation and goals. Based on these factors, we utilise our network of lenders and financiers to help you get the most competitive loan rates.

Why Choose Us As Your Working Capital Finance Broker in Sydney

Irrespective of what your loan concerns are, our team is here to help you out! Having said that here is why our clients love working with us:

Commitment to Delivering the Best

We value your dreams as much as you do. So, our brokers are always committed to providing you with the best possible loan guidance at all times.


Our Expertise

Our brokers have extensive experience and expertise in helping our clients get the best possible loan rates with the fastest turnaround time.


Consistent Support

Our team believes in building lasting relationships with our clients. We ensure this by providing them with effective solutions that they can trust.


Ensuring Your Best Interests

Your financial needs and expectations are our top priority. So, we work with our lenders to ensure that you have access to all available options.


Our Transparency

When you decide to work with our specialist brokers, you can rest assured that we strive to provide you the best we have, without any hidden clauses.


Comprehensive Guidance for Your Business’s Working Capital Needs

New and small businesses often feel overpowered by the financials, from expenses to sales to loans. Each area requires distinct market knowledge and research, thus requiring a specialist in that particular field.

Business loans, in particular, are tricky processes. Selecting the wrong loan product can derail the process, incurring additional costs in the meantime. But with an expert financial broker, such as us, you will be better equipped in all essential areas — researching, negotiating terms, comparing different products, as well as assisting you in the application process.

Diving a little deeper, here’s how Right Click Finance can guide you with your working capital loan acquisition process:

  • Presenting Various Loan Products: With access to 57 leading lenders, we can keep a range of loan options in line for you. This lets you understand the market, your needs, and the right loan for your situation.
  • Assistance in Understanding the Terms: From interest rates to repayment schedules, we will help you understand the terms of a loan agreement effectively. Backed by our expertise, you have a high chance of finding a loan with the lowest interest rate.
  • Tailored Loan Solution: Our work goes beyond just connecting you with a lender. We assess your current financial situation and find a loan based on that. Such a tailored approach will save so much money in the name of low interest rates and strategic financial planning.
  • Streamline Application Process:
    Your loan application process can be arduous and time-consuming, which you may not have time for. Leave it to our brokers, and they will streamline the entire process for you — from documentation to credit history scrutiny.
  • Answer or Resolve Concerns: You may have many questions regarding the loan options. In such a case, we will assist you in finding answers to your concerns, which facilitates the right decision-making.

All in all, we strive to make it all a stress-free experience.

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Transform Your Business Trajectory with Strategic Working Capital Financing

As a business, you can have a range of business loans offered to you; this is not at all a problem. But the question is figuring out which loan is right for your business growth. So, rushing into a random loan agreement is never recommendable. You must take your time, analyse, and then decide.

If this is too difficult for you, we are here to assist in our full capacity. Along with gathering data on various loan options, we can also help you analyse each alternative and provide constructive solutions. The final right answer can transform your business in more than one way — financial stability, increased operability, trade expansion, etc.

So, are you ready to work with us? Send us an email at or call us at 1300 056 056.

Competitive Rates That We Offer But The Banks Won’t

Are you thinking, “Why choose a loan broker over a bank?” The answer is surprisingly simple — a finance broker can help in more ways than a bank. Speaking for Right Click Finance, we like to provide our clients with a holistic service that goes beyond just sourcing a loan. Our intent is to support you all through your journey.

Let us sum it up for you:

  • We can access multiple lenders (in our case, it is 57.)
  • We simplify the loan application process and save you time and effort.
  • We often have access to many specialised loans that may not be available through banks.
  • We are excellent negotiators who can advocate for you and secure favourable loan terms.
  • We take time to understand your goals and challenges and tailor our advice accordingly.

Most importantly, our approach is always objective. While a bank may try to promote its own loan options, a finance broker offers an unbiased opinion. Your benefit is our number one priority.

So, if you want to get a business loan as soon as possible, we are the right choice. Let’s connect over a call and discuss this further. We’re available at 1300 056 056.


To avail a working capital loan for new businesses, you must have the following minimum requirements:

  • An ABN
  • Citizenship or permanent residence
  • GST registration
  • 6 months of minimum business operation
  • Business bank statements

In a nutshell, a working capital loan focuses on short-term operational needs. While term loans may fund long-term projects, working capital loans address immediate expenses like payroll and inventory. Usually, these loans are to be repaid within 12 months.

When taking a working capital loan, you must check a lot of factors before getting into the agreement. Otherwise, your benefits will be mitigated. Here are some crucial factors we check for our clients:

  • Interest rates
  • Repayment terms
  • Fees
  • Eligibility requirements
  • The speed of approval
  • The lender’s reputation

In addition, we also look at your business-specific needs and the purpose of the loan.

The duration for approval and funding varies depending on the lender and the complexity of your application. But in some cases, you may have approval and funding within the same day or the next day.

Eligibility criteria may change depending on the lender. However, the following will give you a good start:

  • Credit score
  • Business performance
  • Time in business
  • Loan’s purpose
  • Debt-to-income ratio
  • Collaterals

One significant consideration when choosing working capital finance is that small and new businesses may need to put up private assets to get the loan. If this is difficult or you want specific guidance, you should reach out to our finance brokers.

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